The Danger Of The Kiss Close

There is so much misinformation out there on the Internet, especially from guys that are PUAs-in-training who are obsessed with something called the kiss close.

It’s really funny.

I did a boot camp a couple weeks ago and I had a guy there that went through a PUA boot camp before mine.  He said that one of the things that amazed him was seeing one of the instructors make out with random women in a nightclub after only a few minutes of talking to her.

I asked why that impressed him.  He looked at me and said that having the ability to do that is amazing.  I told him that making out with a chick in bar is not impressive at all.

I spent seven years in the bar business and I know what type of women will make out with a guy instantly in a bar.  Usually she is drunk and usually you are not the first guy she has made out with.

You heard me.

When I was bartending, I used to go to the bathroom during my break and the bathroom door would be locked.  I would knock and say, “Bartender needs the bathroom.” Out would walk a girl—usually the bar slut—followed by a dude with a big smile on his face, thinking that he actually seduced her.

Here’s the deal guys: girls that will just make out with you for the sake of making out with you after knowing you for 30 or 45 seconds, usually are either disease carriers, sluts, or just girls that have low self-esteem.

I am not at all interested in making out with some random woman.  A kiss is all about teasing.  When you kiss-close a woman—as they call it in PUA land—you most likely are never going to see her again.

I am a man that is in full control of who I am and full control of what I am about.

When I meet a woman and we go out on a date, I am not even thinking about the kiss.  All I am thinking about is how I am going to tease her with words—and I am not talking about sexual words! I am talking about listening to what she has to say, reacting to what she has to say, and having a great conversation.

I don’t believe in going for the kiss-close at the end of a first date.

I will give her a hug and smile, and linger for a second.  I want to make her earn my kiss.  I want her to know that I am 100% in control and I am going to take her down a journey where she is going to give up a lot more than a kiss in the end.

That is what it is all about: taking her down a journey and not just trying to close.

So the next time you are impressed with a dude that is making out with a girl in a bar, just look around the room and try to figure out whose dick that guy is actually making out with.