Who Is Christian Hudson, And How Did He Change Me

People are always asking me how I got to be good with women. Most of my friends remember me as being kinda socially awkward. I mean, I had a few girlfriends, but I always felt like I was luck to have them. It was really just a numbers game and I got lucky and would get a girlfriend for a while, but I was certainly not calling the shots.

Christian Hudson makes the girlfriend activation system, some know it as GAS:

He also is seen speaking here:

Fast forward a few years and people who used to know the old me, are shocked when they see my social circle and the women I am around (usually dating a few of them at a time even).

And I always get the question, man what happened – how did you become this cool guy with all these cool friend and attractive women?

The answer is simple, I met a guy in NYC named Christian Hudson. We met via a boot camp he was putting on with his company the social man.

This is his twitter account.

Anyways, we became friends and kind of my mentor and the rest is history. I spent a year or so being around him and learning from him and he was kind enough to let me into his social circle.

That is it. Just being around him helped my game dramatically.

So if you ever have a chance to take one his boot camps or even check out some of his products, I highly recommend doing so.

It just may change your life.