How To Get A Girl To Like You

The most important thing a guy can do to get a girl to like him is to be the best man he can be. I don’t think many men get this concept. If you really want to attract the cream of the crop you have to be sure you’re not offering the chaff of the wheat.

Right away, you need to do a little bit of introspective self analysis first. One of the best ways to do this is to set aside several hours to yourself. Buy a notebook, hole up in your apartment, and take a good look at where you are at in your life and then compare that to where you want to be.

One great way to do this is to list your top five values (I learned this from my friend here). For instance, in my case, they might be family, health, freedom, independence, and creativity. These are my five values, only, yours could be quite different. Once you list your values, the next step in your journey to becoming the type of guy girls like is to then make a list of how you spend the majority of your time and money.


Now put the two lists side by side. Are you spending the majority of your money toward family, health, freedom, and so on (whatever is on your list of top five values)? If not, then now is the time to make that adjustment.

If health is one of your top five values and you are spending a good deal of money and time eating at fast food restaurants or typical bar food, those two items just don’t align. If you want to be the best man you can be – and you better be working toward that if you want to know how to get a girl to like you, then those better be squared up. However, if instead of health one of your top five values is social life, then eating at the bar every night is not necessarily a big conflict with your values.

If you can, list all your activities. This list might include, walking the dog, playing video games, watching television, working out, playing tennis, reading books, attending theater and so on. We each are only allotted a specific amount of time in our days and our lives so ensure that you are spending your time in a meaningful way that matches your five values.

If you want to be a rock star, sitting around watching sitcoms is not going to get you there. It is also going to make you feel out of whack because you are not spending your time and energy doing what is important to you.

So if you really want to be successful at this, then the first thing you need to work on is becoming the best man you can be. Making sure your energy, time, and money are going toward what is most important to you in life is the first step to getting there.