How To Meet Women

The best way to learn how to bring amazing women into your life is to develop the ability to talk to anyone at anytime. If you can walk up to someone – young, old, beautiful, plain, crabby, or friendly – and initiate a conversation, you are halfway there.

So, the first thing you need to practice is being sociable to everyone everywhere. If you can develop the ability to initiate a conversation with anyone you come across, you will find that you are confident when you see a woman you would like to meet.

What tends to happen is that we are not used to approaching strangers and talking and that makes it a bit awkward when we walk up to an amazing looking woman and try to introduce ourselves.

The ability to strike up a conversation at any time does not come naturally to most of us. But it is a skill that can be learned. You can learn how to do this in several different ways. The easiest and cheapest – although most time consuming – way to develop this skill is to practice it every opportunity you get.

But if that seems a bit intimidating at first, you can boost your skill set in other ways. For instance, you can enroll in a community college course on communication, such as interpersonal communication skills. Or you can join a group that requires you to speak to strangers. For instance, if you are an environmentalist, I’m sure there are any number of organizations that would appreciate your volunteer services and would ask you to speak to strangers about the organization. (By the way, as a side benefit, you might meet women with similar values very easily this way.)

Toastmasters International

Another way to improve your social skills is by joining a group that actually works on public speaking, such as Toastmasters. This will teach you to sound confident and sure when you do approach a woman with the intention of meeting her.

Once you have honed your conversational skills it will automatically make you seem like an expert because going up to and talking to strangers will be second nature to you. It will be no big deal. You will not think twice about doing it and it will make you appear more confident than you could imagine.

So remember the key to meeting women is to develop – through practice – or formal instruction – enough skill at striking up conversations that when you do approach an amazing woman, all she will see is confidence and self assuredness and there is everything appealing and attractive about that.