How To Text A Girl

The very first rule in texting a girl is simple – keep it short and sweet.

It seems more guys get into trouble and end up looking like a doofus by writing a long, rambling – and worst off – boring text.

Texting is about keeping it concise and interesting. If you want to text girls the right way, you’d be wise to do a little bit of research. IF you think it’s as simple as talking on the phone or even sending emails, you are wrong.

The skills behind doing this right involve a small dose of creativity and a dash of witty. I don’t care how uneventful and boring your life really is – don’t you even for a second let on to a girl that it is like this. At the same time, you are doing yourself a disservice if a girl asks you what’s up and you respond “nothing.”
texting-girlThis is bad.

Always, and I do mean always, be doing something exciting. Don’t lie, but it’s OK to exaggerate a bit.

If you are at a boring party with friends, please don’t tell her that. Text her that you are “chillin at a shindig” or something.

The key to being successful is to provide just enough information to pique her interest. Remain a bit mysterious. You don’t have to tell her that the party is really just your neighbor across the hall and her roommate serving you chips and a warm beer. No way.

Sometimes too much information is the worst possible thing you can do to thwart your ability and skills. For instance, you don’t want a long drawn out description of your day and what is going on in your life to be sent by text.

Think of it this way – a text is a small, simple, catchy phrase at its longest. It’s a way to touch base in a nonthreatening way as well. If I’m at a ballgame and I want a girl to know I’m thinking about her, I will send a simple text such as “At Yankees Game. Woot!

That’s it. When I think about the times I was successful at making girls interested in me over text, I try to just let her in on some fun I’m having or some witty observation I’ve made. It’s pretty simple once you get into the groove of doing it. In a way, it’s sort of looking at your life and what you are doing in an observational way. It is actually kind of fun to do it. Sometimes we think our lives are routine and boring and when we take a step back and look at them, we realize we have a lot more going on then we think.

So remember – even if you are unsure what to text you probably can’t go wrong if you keep it short and sweet and simple. Witty and clever, can’t hurt, but if that is not your personality, don’t worry, it won’t be a deal breaker. Long, rambling, boring texts, however, just might be.