Making Girls Smile Isn’t Always Easy

…but it is always worth the effort.

Learning what makes a girl smile is a key strategy in today’s dating arena. If you don’t know how to, you might as well hang it up. That’s how important it is.

The fastest way to make a girl smile is to compliment her. But this is still a tricky business. Complimenting a girl on her looks is usually the laziest way to go about it and often doesn’t elicit a smile at all. Why?

She’s sick of hearing someone praise her for something she really did nothing about. She was born attractive and so complimenting her on her looks is pretty much a bore. Plus, every other guy out there has done the same thing.

By complimenting her on how she looks, a guy is basically becoming an anonymous face in the crowd.

However, if a guy compliments her on an aspect of her look that implies some effort on her part, such as matching her scarf color to her eyes, then that is a whole different story.

Or, say you might want to compliment her on the outfit she is wearing and tell her that you love when a girl wears a dress and high heels and that you feel too many girls don’t do that anymore. That is something unique about her. That is complimenting her on something she did, not something that exists.

By recognizing and acknowledging something she did, you have a much better chance at garnering a smile.

But if you are looking for other ways, you can also do one of the simplest techniques. It is so simple in fact that most guys forget about it: Smile at her. If your smile is genuine, nine times out of ten a girl will smile right back at you. It’s human nature.

A third way takes a little more finesse. If you have the ability to make someone laugh, that will be a great technique. Not every girl will think you are funny, however, so this is a little bit trickier.

Learning this skill does take some trial and error. Sometimes a nice way is to tell a borderline spooky story and then add a punch line at the end that makes her jump. She will smile at you.

Sometimes you can make girls smile simply by showing that you are a fun guy out there having fun. This can work wonders. If you are enjoying life that sometimes is all it takes to bring a smile onto a girl’s face.

I remember a friend from college who would drive around Southern California in his Jeep with the top off and smile and sing to the radio. Every time a girl noticed him she would smile. His joy for life was contagious.
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