What Is A PUA

It seems like the only reason that pick up artists get a bad rap is completely due to people who have a misconception of what it is to be PUA spreading false information around.

So, What Is A PUA? A true pick up artist – or PUA – is one of two things. It is either a guy who teaches other men how to realize their best self so they can be successful in meeting women or it is the guy who is trying to learn how to be his best self.

That’s it. Maybe one way to explain What Is A PUA is to talk about what he isn’t. A true PUA is not a guy who is out to use and hurt women. He is not a man who lies or acts dishonest in any way. A PUA is not the guy who hates women.

A true PUA is a guy who loves women and wants to bring either that one amazing woman into his life or wants to have many wonderful women in his world. It is a guy who respects women and wants to offer them the best he has. He wants for the woman to enjoy her time with him as much as he enjoys time with her.

What Is A PUA? A guy who is honest about where each one of his relationships stands without hurting someone. For instance, if a girl dating a PUA wants to know if he is exclusive with her and he isn’t, rather than being brutally honest and telling her she is one of a dozen girls he dates, he needs to admit that he does date other women, but also let her know – honestly – that she is special or he wouldn’t be dating her. Because the fact is a PUA is also choosy about the women he dates. He doesn’t date someone just to say he is. He has enough skills and self-confidence that he truly enjoys and appreciates the qualities of the women he does choose to date. If that changes, then he gracefully and tactfully moves on without crushing someone and having never led the girl on.

If you really want to know What Is A PUA, you can just take a look at the guys in the seduction community who raised money to help in the fight to cure breast cancer. Within minutes of being asked for help, dozens of guys dropped hundreds of dollars toward the cure. That is a true PUA.

A true PUA likes himself enough that he is able to truly appreciate others in his life. He is charismatic because people wonder What Is A PUA and can’t quite put their finger on what it is he has that other people don’t have.

But here’s a little secret, what he has is respect for himself and respect for others and in the long run, this is what makes him stand out from the crowd and this is what makes him so incredibly successful with women.