Get Your Nutrients With Patriot Power Greens

-If you are looking to get your daily dosage of healthy fruits, vegetables, probiotics and digestive enzymes in a delicious shake – look no further than one of my favorite products: Patriot Power Greens.

This powder which mixed with a glass of water provides a ton of super foods that will reduce inflammation, increase energy and fight fatigue… plus it’s berry flavor tastes delicious.

It comes in a canister with a 30 day supply. The serving size is one scoop that can be mixed into 8 oz of water for a delicious way to make sure you are getting all of your super foods.

There are many Patriot Power Greens Reviews like this one which can be found all over youtube, but this one is my favorite as the guy actually has it and shares his thoughts.

While everyone’s experience may vary – I personally have taken this daily and not only love the flavor but can feel the effects. I feel more energetic, have less joint pain and overall just feel more alive.

So if you are looking to improve your overall feeling of well being, increase energy and reduce inflammatory acids in your body – then give Patriot Power Greens a try. You can find out more and read the full review on this page: .

My Personal Review Of The Kinetic Attraction Method

Kinetic Attraction is an online body language based training academy that shows men how to fully harness all 100% of his attraction skills. As it turns out, most men, even men who are great at talking to women are only using 7% of their attraction skills, since they are only really taking advantage of language.

The other 93% of communication occurs with body language. This has been passed down biologically throughout our evolution as mammals. It really makes sense when you think that humans have only been using words to communicate for about 10,000 years, but we have been mating for much, much longer than that.

Find out more about Kinetic Attraction here..

kinetic attraction video

When you also take into consideration that our brains have evolved from the success that worked thousands of years ago, it makes perfect sense that we are programmed to respond immensely to non-verbal communication.

Adam recognized this, and created this program to maximize our communication skills, with specific focus on body language.

That doesn’t mean he ignores the importance of language, he covers that in great detail, but having the perfect thing to say means nothing if you are ignoring the main method of communicating demonstrating attractiveness and desirability.

woman approaching with kinetic attractionLike I said, humans naturally, even subconsciously can not help but respond to body language.

It’s like a tractor beam, that when done right will literally compel women to become curious about you, and come talk to you.

Now that sounds a bit intimidating, but Adam shares exactly how to respond in these situations, and gives word by word examples on how to talk to women after they have approached. He leaves nothing to chance.

Combine this with his methods to apply the Kinetic Attraction principles to recognize when to escalate and the average man will become an instant man of incredible attraction to all types of sexy women.

If that was all the program offered, I would say it was an incredible value and a must have for any man who is looking to date women with almost zero risk of rejection… but he doesn’t stop there.

He also goes into incredible detail how to use the same methods to escape the friend zone, maintain a healthy and cheat proof relationship, and even how to maximize the effectiveness of online dating.

I wasn’t expecting the last three modules, but they were a great surprise and really put this program over the top for me.

Watch this video to find out more about Kinetic Attraction: Official Site

You can also place your secure order here: Access Kinetic Attraction

How To Effectively Restore Healthy Testosterone Levels

I’ve blogged about Spartagen XT a few times now. My favorite is this post: Spartagen XT to improve T levels

We all know that it is perfectly normal for testosterone to decrease as men age. But if the levels fall below normal for that age, then that can cause some problems and needs to be addressed.

So while normal, it is not normal to feel sluggish and have really low energy levels. If that is the case, especially if you compare yourself to people your own age, then you may want to consider adding a testosterone boosting supplement to your diet.

This goofy guy claims it works for him, I mean he seems believable:

Now I agree, that the product is great. I’ve been using it for a while and really do think it works as advertised. For me, I’ve noticed an increase in my enthusiasm to go to the gym. My workouts feel great. I’ve increased my bench press about about 20 pounds. While I can’t lift a ton of weight, I do pretty well for a guy my age. My libido is up, and I just feel healthy and alive.

Luckily I found this site which agrees with my opinion of Spartagen XT and some other products for guys: trinimedia

I suggest you read this whole post on spartagen xt.

If you really do your research into the ingredients, it makes sense that it would be effective at restoring normal testosterone levels. With that said, I don’t for a minute think that it is going to elevate T levels above normal. It simply helps the body do what it is supposed to do, and that is maintain healthy, normal levels of testosterone.

But if you feel that your levels are below normal, then don’t be embarassed to take action. While I recommend Spartagen XT, to be honest most supplements that increase energy levels and boost stamina are going to naturally enable your body to begin restoring healthy levels of natural testosterone.

The PE Bible Review, Does It Work?

This PE Bible review will help you determine if this program will actually work for you. The system works with a combination of exercise and biochemical means to increase the size of the chambers in the penis.

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Watch this PE Bible video review to find out more:

More videos here:

Now before you make a decision, keep in mind that any changes you make will be permanent.

So only use the advice in the Penis Enlargement Bible if you are truly serious about increasing the size of your penis. If you are already large, you may not want to actually get larger.

Women, while they may say that they like the look of a large penis, the simple reality is most women are not large enough to actually need your penis to be any larger than average. So be careful and don’t go crazy trying to make your penis extra large. It may work too well and you may very well find yourself with women who do not enjoy intimacy as you are too large! Trust me that happens more often than you realize!

Place Your Secure Order Here:

Of course, there are exceptions and if you truly want to grow your penis, before you make a decision, read this Penis Enlargement Bible review from a guy who has actually tried it for himself.

If you do check it out, be sure to make your own video sharing your experiences as I love to see how other guys like the products I recommend.

If you want to check out the PE Bible for yourself, order it here from the official site:

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Can Erect On Demand Help With ED?

I recently had the opportunity to check out a new product called Erect on Demand. This Peruvian brew recipe and eBook are great at helping identify the cause of ED and also gives the body the proper nutrition to help combat the causes of Erectile Dysfunction.

This video explains it better than I do:

Watch this and other Erect on Demand reviews on youtube.

Tips To Increase Bench Press

When done correctly (which the majority of people don’t) the bench press employs each and every muscle in your upper body (and some in the lower body). Last but not least, if you prefer to raise your bench press, you should lift heavy, and do limited amounts of reps. Increasing your bench press will also raise the quantity of muscle mass you’ve got in your whole body!

Now, this tip is a rather important one for those who need to actually enhance your bench press or incline press.

If you are looking to learn how to increase bench press by 50 pounds then you want to keep reading this and also watch the video below. If you presently struggle with the bench press and you’d love to genuinely increase the sum of weight which you lift by 50 pounds or more, this will help you. The bench press is most certainly the most popular exercise in the typical gym, therefore it’s not surprising that people are always hunting for tips to grow their max bench press weight.

Watch this video to learn how to bench more:

Because you may or might not know, the bench press is not only a chest exercise. The bench press is quite a mental lift. Most people today view the bench press as only a chest movement, and they’d be wrong. It takes the upper body to do it correctly and to maximize the amount you can lift.

Alright, now you know the actual key to building a major bench press.

What Are The Ingredients in Spartagen XT

After posting how to increase your testosterone with spartagen xt here at, one of the questions we seem to get a lot is how safe is that product. I mean, people agree that it works and that might be the problem. It works so well that some people are starting to question if the ingredients in Spartagen XT are safe.

Let me clarify that. Yes, the ingredients in Spartagen XT are 100% natural and safe. They are things that people have been supplementing their diet with for hundreds of years.

That is what makes spartagen so great, it combines all of the ingredients that people have been using individually into one compact easy to take form.

So now that we have shown that the ingredients are safe, let’s talk about whether they work. Well, not having actually measured testosterone levels (not even sure how to do that), I can say that I have heard from many people that they feel more alive. More energy, more stamina and more alive is what I keep hearing over and over from guys who have tried it.

Let’s see what has to say about testosterone boosters:
Can You Boost Low Testosterone Naturally?

That article has some great advice about lifestyle changes that will help your body naturally restore it’s normal free testosterone levels. Give it a read, it’s worth it.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line.

How To Increase Testosterone With Spartagen XT

It’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty how many men suffer from low testosterone or “low T”. It’s only when symptoms become problematic that most men are even tested. It’s a nearly taboo subject since manhood is often linked to having normal testosterone. To admit low T is the social equivalency of admitting you’re not a real man.

You can live on soda and Cheetos at 20. At 40, not so much, pal. You are going to go downhill healthwise quickly with that diet.

If you care about keeping a healthy T level, certain foods can help. They’re not the complete answer in all cases, but they will increase your levels. The most significant way to maintain your T balance is with foods high in vitamin D3.

Often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all. It’s actually a steroid hormone which regulates over 1,000 bodily functions. Foods high in vitamin D are crucial to increasing and maintaining sufficient levels of testosterone.


The richest source of vitamin D is fish oils, fatty fish, beef liver, mushrooms, cheese and egg yolks. The fish highest in vitamin D is smoked Salmon followed by Swordfish. Any bony fish can be a significant source.

The reason they call vitamin D the “sunshine vitamin” is that the main source is sunshine. If you’re stuck working indoors in a cubical, chances are you lack sufficient vitamin D, and by association, testosterone.

In addition to vitamin D, zinc is important. With the caveat that too much zinc can be harmful, too little is bad for maintaining T levels. Choose your diet with both vitamin D and zinc in proper proportions.

Many of the ingredients listed for improving testosterone levels above can be found in everyday food, but you can find all of them in the proper amounts in a new natural testosterone booster called Spartagen XT. Of course, you could source each of the natural ingredients yourself, but why not just get it all in a single dosage each day from the proven supplement that increases testosterone naturally.

Back to getting Vitamin D from the sun… As if we need to give our spouses a reason to go fishing, a day in the sun catching fish is the double whammy for increasing your testosterone levels. What’s better than a hobby that also keeps the passion alive. Plus if you catch something, fish is some of the best protein available for building lean muscle mass.

Stress is another reason for decreased levels of testosterone in men. Reducing stress will help bring them back up. Another good reason to go fishing. LOL.

Obesity is one of the other leading causes for lower T levels. Lose the weight that caused the problem.

Combine intermittent fasting with high-intensity exercise. Strength training will also increase testosterone levels. You’ll see increased levels of both the weight loss and the exercise.

Sugar, although tasty, is another reason for lower levels. Eliminating it from your diet will increase levels. It may sound contradictory but consuming healthy fats will also help. Dietary fats are one of the most critical components of increased T. Monounsaturated and saturated fats have been shown in many long-term studies to increase testosterone in men of all ages.

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. There is a direct relationship between HDL and free testosterone. Don’t shortchange yourself in the cholesterol intake. Maintain a healthy level of HDL and the testosterone comes along with it.

Here’s an easy one we can all live with; sleep. Humans need between 7 – 9 hours of sleep, any less is not recommended. You’ll see almost immediate improvements.

By now it should be obvious that a healthy lifestyle is a route to healthy testosterone levels. Live longer and live longer. There’s no downside here folks.

Plus if you supplement these activities with taking a daily does of Spartagen XT, you will begin to see the effects sooner than later.

Does Spartagen XT Really Improve Testosterone Levels

So my buddies and I have been debating this for months. Some think that the various claims made by testosterone boosting companies really are legit. My other buddies say there is no chance that they work.

What do you think?

Well first, let me tell you what I think. I think our bodies are made up of some very complex ingredients and one of those is hormones. Do I also think natural ingredients outside of our bodies can impact the hormones in our bodies? Of course I do.

So with that said, why wouldn’t a testosterone booster like this actually work? I mean, your bodies is basically just made up of a bunch of chemicals. Now if they say that you are what you eat – the certainly eating supplements will impact and ultimately change how your body. I mean if you eat junk food, your body will essentially turn to junk. If you eat high quality, low fat balanced food your body will

As you can see they are all natural, and all of the ingredients and combinations of ingredients are proven to naturally boost free testosterone in the body.

Of course, they could just be trying to convince you to buy, but I think they seem legit to me. Here is what Dr. Oz has to say about testosterone boosters.

I say give it a try. All you have to lose is a few bucks, and you certainly have a lot to gain.

Pandora’s Box My Review Of This Program

OK, so you’ve probably seen the ad a million times. It’s either Vin Dicarlo or some guy named Ben who is talking about how he has a magnet that gets women every time. What it really is, is a personality profiler based upon 3 questions that will help you determine which of 8 types of women, the girl of your desire’s falls into.

When I first read some reviews about pandora’s box from Vin Dicarlo, I was instantly interested in how the training would be delivered. It turns out, it is a pretty comprehensive PDF guide, along with relevant training videos by Vin himself where he walks you through each section of the training.

So he breaks down how to the exact way to answer the 3 questions with some pretty clever observations and in some cases actual questions you can ask the woman.

Seems simple right?


Well yes… and no. In concept it works just fine. But the hard part is when you are first learning, being able to distinguish which side of each of the 3 questions she actually falls into. I mean there can be a lot of grey area.

I mean after using it for a few months, I could easily determine her type and know exactly what to do or say to get her to me. Now, this is groundbreaking, considering that it is proven that there are multiple items women look at when determining if they are attracted to a guy.

Does it work every time?


But it certainly is more effective than not having any game plan at all. I have much better success with women than I did before I started using the techniques in Pandora’s Box.

So do I recommend it? Ya, I do. But only for people who are willing to invest in not only the program but also in themselves as they spend the time learning to apply it.

I probably failed about 15 times in determining a girls type during the first two weeks of actually using it. Before that, I spent about a week studying and review what to do and say.

In hindsight, I probably should have just read it once and then gone out and practiced. I would have made more mistakes, but I would have learned it much quicker. So if you are gonna do it, I suggest going full on and not worrying about making mistakes.

Learning from the mistakes you make along the way really is the best way to learn the material the fastest.

And considering I went from having pretty much mediocre success with women, to know pretty much being able to date ‘almost’ any woman that I want. I have to say it was well worth all the trouble of learning the system and investing in Vin’s program.

I mean, now almost without thinking about it, I can immediately answer the 3 questions about any woman, determine her type in seconds and adapt my game to coincide with what she is looking for in a guy.

And it’s pretty fun. 🙂

But before you make any decisions, just like anything else in life – do your own research.

I put a link to a review I found that helped my decision, so if you are still on the fence, go there and read that page. It should cover any questions you may have.