Some Examples Of Ways You Can Flirt With Girls

The best, most successful flirt is the one who does it in such a way that the girl can’t tell if he’s just naturally that charming or if he is singling her out in particular. The beauty of this technique is it keeps the mystery alive and keeps the girl guessing. After all, we all want what we can’t have, so don’t let her know right away that you would be play dough in her hands.

When you look at the best techniques out there teaching men about this, you might realize that many of them have one thing in common – subtlety. Flirting does not mean walking up to a girl and telling her how beautiful she is and how attracted to her you are. Boring. Unless she’s extremely unattractive, she’s probably heard this about a million times.

The secret is less about her and more about you. It’s about exuding self-confidence and giving the unmistakable impression that you are worth getting to know. It is about looking at her like you are a man and she is a woman, but it’s not about falling all over her with flattery.

Some guys just don’t get that distinction. The ability to project that you are a man and she is a woman and that it is natural to have an attraction is one of the key skills you can work on if you want to learn this. It takes some self-confidence, but remember that much of this can be learned. You need to remember the old adage – fake it till you make it. It truly can be like a switch you turn on in your brain when you go out. You flip the switch and tell yourself – I’m a great, sexy guy that any girl would be lucky to hang out with. It’s really, really that easy.

If you really want to be good, I dare you to try this technique. It has opened more doors than I could possibly tell you about. You can even do it seconds before you walk into a room and tell yourself, “I’m going to walk in that room like I’m all that and a bag of chips” and then observe the results. I guarantee if you really are thinking this and really believe it, even for only a ten-minute stretch, you will be amazed at the results.

I’ve done a few nonscientific experiments this way. I’ve walked into a crowd one-way, feeling a big insecure and shy and walked from one end of the room to another noting how everyone is reacting to me. Then I’ve left for about thirty minutes, come back with a swagger, so to speak, and walked through that same room, again, gauging the effects. Remarkable. Remember it’s not about her. It’s not about what you say to her – it’s about what you say to yourself.