How To Increase Testosterone With Spartagen XT

It’s impossible to say with any degree of certainty how many men suffer from low testosterone or “low T”. It’s only when symptoms become problematic that most men are even tested. It’s a nearly taboo subject since manhood is often linked to having normal testosterone. To admit low T is the social equivalency of admitting you’re not a real man.

You can live on soda and Cheetos at 20. At 40, not so much, pal. You are going to go downhill healthwise quickly with that diet.

If you care about keeping a healthy T level, certain foods can help. They’re not the complete answer in all cases, but they will increase your levels. The most significant way to maintain your T balance is with foods high in vitamin D3.

Often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all. It’s actually a steroid hormone which regulates over 1,000 bodily functions. Foods high in vitamin D are crucial to increasing and maintaining sufficient levels of testosterone.


The richest source of vitamin D is fish oils, fatty fish, beef liver, mushrooms, cheese and egg yolks. The fish highest in vitamin D is smoked Salmon followed by Swordfish. Any bony fish can be a significant source.

The reason they call vitamin D the “sunshine vitamin” is that the main source is sunshine. If you’re stuck working indoors in a cubical, chances are you lack sufficient vitamin D, and by association, testosterone.

In addition to vitamin D, zinc is important. With the caveat that too much zinc can be harmful, too little is bad for maintaining T levels. Choose your diet with both vitamin D and zinc in proper proportions.

Many of the ingredients listed for improving testosterone levels above can be found in everyday food, but you can find all of them in the proper amounts in a new natural testosterone booster called Spartagen XT. Of course, you could source each of the natural ingredients yourself, but why not just get it all in a single dosage each day from the proven supplement that increases testosterone naturally.

Back to getting Vitamin D from the sun… As if we need to give our spouses a reason to go fishing, a day in the sun catching fish is the double whammy for increasing your testosterone levels. What’s better than a hobby that also keeps the passion alive. Plus if you catch something, fish is some of the best protein available for building lean muscle mass.

Stress is another reason for decreased levels of testosterone in men. Reducing stress will help bring them back up. Another good reason to go fishing. LOL.

Obesity is one of the other leading causes for lower T levels. Lose the weight that caused the problem.

Combine intermittent fasting with high-intensity exercise. Strength training will also increase testosterone levels. You’ll see increased levels of both the weight loss and the exercise.

Sugar, although tasty, is another reason for lower levels. Eliminating it from your diet will increase levels. It may sound contradictory but consuming healthy fats will also help. Dietary fats are one of the most critical components of increased T. Monounsaturated and saturated fats have been shown in many long-term studies to increase testosterone in men of all ages.

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. There is a direct relationship between HDL and free testosterone. Don’t shortchange yourself in the cholesterol intake. Maintain a healthy level of HDL and the testosterone comes along with it.

Here’s an easy one we can all live with; sleep. Humans need between 7 – 9 hours of sleep, any less is not recommended. You’ll see almost immediate improvements.

By now it should be obvious that a healthy lifestyle is a route to healthy testosterone levels. Live longer and live longer. There’s no downside here folks.

Plus if you supplement these activities with taking a daily does of Spartagen XT, you will begin to see the effects sooner than later.