Pandora’s Box My Review Of This Program

OK, so you’ve probably seen the ad a million times. It’s either Vin Dicarlo or some guy named Ben who is talking about how he has a magnet that gets women every time. What it really is, is a personality profiler based upon 3 questions that will help you determine which of 8 types of women, the girl of your desire’s falls into.

When I first read some reviews about pandora’s box from Vin Dicarlo, I was instantly interested in how the training would be delivered. It turns out, it is a pretty comprehensive PDF guide, along with relevant training videos by Vin himself where he walks you through each section of the training.

So he breaks down how to the exact way to answer the 3 questions with some pretty clever observations and in some cases actual questions you can ask the woman.

Seems simple right?


Well yes… and no. In concept it works just fine. But the hard part is when you are first learning, being able to distinguish which side of each of the 3 questions she actually falls into. I mean there can be a lot of grey area.

I mean after using it for a few months, I could easily determine her type and know exactly what to do or say to get her to me. Now, this is groundbreaking, considering that it is proven that there are multiple items women look at when determining if they are attracted to a guy.

Does it work every time?


But it certainly is more effective than not having any game plan at all. I have much better success with women than I did before I started using the techniques in Pandora’s Box.

So do I recommend it? Ya, I do. But only for people who are willing to invest in not only the program but also in themselves as they spend the time learning to apply it.

I probably failed about 15 times in determining a girls type during the first two weeks of actually using it. Before that, I spent about a week studying and review what to do and say.

In hindsight, I probably should have just read it once and then gone out and practiced. I would have made more mistakes, but I would have learned it much quicker. So if you are gonna do it, I suggest going full on and not worrying about making mistakes.

Learning from the mistakes you make along the way really is the best way to learn the material the fastest.

And considering I went from having pretty much mediocre success with women, to know pretty much being able to date ‘almost’ any woman that I want. I have to say it was well worth all the trouble of learning the system and investing in Vin’s program.

I mean, now almost without thinking about it, I can immediately answer the 3 questions about any woman, determine her type in seconds and adapt my game to coincide with what she is looking for in a guy.

And it’s pretty fun. 🙂

But before you make any decisions, just like anything else in life – do your own research.

I put a link to a review I found that helped my decision, so if you are still on the fence, go there and read that page. It should cover any questions you may have.