My Personal Review Of The Kinetic Attraction Method

Kinetic Attraction is an online body language based training academy that shows men how to fully harness all 100% of his attraction skills. As it turns out, most men, even men who are great at talking to women are only using 7% of their attraction skills, since they are only really taking advantage of language.

The other 93% of communication occurs with body language. This has been passed down biologically throughout our evolution as mammals. It really makes sense when you think that humans have only been using words to communicate for about 10,000 years, but we have been mating for much, much longer than that.

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When you also take into consideration that our brains have evolved from the success that worked thousands of years ago, it makes perfect sense that we are programmed to respond immensely to non-verbal communication.

Adam recognized this, and created this program to maximize our communication skills, with specific focus on body language.

That doesn’t mean he ignores the importance of language, he covers that in great detail, but having the perfect thing to say means nothing if you are ignoring the main method of communicating demonstrating attractiveness and desirability.

woman approaching with kinetic attractionLike I said, humans naturally, even subconsciously can not help but respond to body language.

It’s like a tractor beam, that when done right will literally compel women to become curious about you, and come talk to you.

Now that sounds a bit intimidating, but Adam shares exactly how to respond in these situations, and gives word by word examples on how to talk to women after they have approached. He leaves nothing to chance.

Combine this with his methods to apply the Kinetic Attraction principles to recognize when to escalate and the average man will become an instant man of incredible attraction to all types of sexy women.

If that was all the program offered, I would say it was an incredible value and a must have for any man who is looking to date women with almost zero risk of rejection… but he doesn’t stop there.

He also goes into incredible detail how to use the same methods to escape the friend zone, maintain a healthy and cheat proof relationship, and even how to maximize the effectiveness of online dating.

I wasn’t expecting the last three modules, but they were a great surprise and really put this program over the top for me.

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